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Engage II Funding - Non Statutory Pre School Settings


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Dear Leader,

The Engage II funding for the year ahead will include an allocation of money for each Non-Statutory Pre School Settings.


Programme Aim

“To limit any long-term adverse impact of the Covid-19 lockdown on educational standards by supporting pupils’ learning and engagement on their return to schools and settings through provision of high quality one to one, small group or team teaching support in every school/setting in Northern Ireland.”


In respect of this change, I am contacting your setting directly to ascertain if you wish to avail of this funding.

The amount of funding your setting will receive is available here:


To confirm your decision please click on the         link above.

Select Engage II Funding from the ‘drop down’ menu and click on

Another window will open and you will have 10 minutes to complete all of the sections. In ‘Funding’ box please select if you want to participate or not.

If you do wish to participate, please provide a short summary of how you propose to use this funding, in support of the children in your care in the box ‘Proposed Programme Of Support’





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