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CLEAPSS Health & Safety in Practical Science for Early Career Teachers


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CLEAPSS H&S in Practical Science for Early Career Teachers

Target Audience:

Post-Primary Early Career Teachers (Induction/EPD1/EPD2)

Science teaching has a very good health and safety record. However, there are many hazardous chemicals, living organisms, and unfamiliar pieces of equipment and procedures in use in school laboratories. As well as knowing how to work safely, Early Career Teachers need to develop the skills needed to run a successful and safe practical lesson. As part of the course we will consider what this means and offer suggestions and tips based on CLEAPSS resources.

The objectives for this one-day, face-to-face course are to:

  • raise the awareness of health and safety matters affecting new science teachers
  • fulfil, in part, the obligation on employers to provide health and safety training for new staff
  • develop an understanding of risk assessment
  • allow participants to share concerns about health and safety matters
  • further develop skills and techniques for running a successful practical lesson

Steve Jones, Director of CLEAPSS, will lead this professional learning day.


Dates:       Three dates to choose from in June 2024

Location:  Antrim Board Centre

Times:       9:30 am to approx. 3:30pm

Please have the approval of your Principal to attend.

  • Your course fee will be paid by EA.
  • Substitute cover is not provided for this event.
  • Hospitality:   Refreshments will not be provided, and it is requested that participants bring their own lunch and refreshments to the training.  Alternatively, participants may wish to access the cash only canteen on site.
  • It is important that the full name of the participant and their C2K email (not personal) are used for the purposes of efficient contact, registers and certification.
  • To apply you will need your school DE Reference number, available by clicking here   Please enter the Reference with no spaces and no hyphen, if you are currently not in post/supply teaching please enter a zero.
  • You will receive immediate confirmation to the email address supplied, therefore please ensure you enter your C2K email correctly!
  • Please let us know ASAP if you need to cancel as we can then award your place to the next applicant on the waiting list.
  • This training is open to all post primary school management types across NI.


In compliance with Regulation 13(1) of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2000, the EA School Development Service will be offering one day health and safety training, provided by CLEAPSS, for ECTs in Northern Ireland.  Attendance at this course is a crucial factor in the mitigation of risk in school science and to reduce the likelihood of HSENI prosecutions against the EA, or your school, and any resultant civil actions arising out of accidents. 

This one-day, Face-to-Face course will de-bunk some of the myths surrounding what you can and cannot do in science lessons as well as exploring the legal requirements and duties placed on teachers and their employers. Activities in the lab that commonly give rise to problems will be highlighted and discussed, and there will be opportunities to discuss each participant’s own safety concerns.

On this course you will look at model risk assessments, such as Hazcards, and consider how these can be used to address problems presented by a particular activity, school, room or class. You will also look at the importance of adopting control measures, such as eye protection, and of sticking to agreed procedures. The session dealing with emergencies will look at Immediate Remedial Measures for personal injuries and other incidents.

There will be 4 sessions during the day:

  • Safety in school science
  • Risk assessment and dealing with emergencies
  • How to make the best use of CLEAPSS resources
  • Dealing with issues raised by participants including learning from past accidents

Each workshop includes a number of activities such as presentations, discussion in groups, quizzes etc.

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